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Mr. Walsh (US)
2018/01/29, 6:29 am
I got my glasses and I love them been looking all over for them thanks a lot.
Ms Gutiérrez (USA)
2010/04/10, PM 11:49
Hello. I received the glasses. Thank you again for great service!

Mr. Orfali (USA)
2009/09/17, PM 4:22
I got it. Thank you vert much. Dealing with you was an excellent experience.
Mr. Phundar (USA)
2009/07/31, PM 11:01
I received the sunglasses. Thank you very much :)
Ms. Larcher (Australia)
2009/05/19, PM 12:48
Yes, thank you, we have received it.

Anna Thomas (Australia)
2017/12/5, 6:14 am
I received my Marchon frames a few days ago and wish to thank you for your
excellent customer service. As always, you never let me down and it has been
a pleasure doing business with you.
My Kind regards,
Anna Thomas
Mr. Okafor (UK)
2009/09/29, PM 3:23
Yes we have received it.
Thanks for your enquiry
Mr. Kujenga (USA)
2009/08/20, AM 11:37

I received my glasses!! They are perfect.


Mr. Yick (USA)
2009/07/7, PM 2:41
I have received the package, thank you for your excellent service!!!

Mr. Welty (USA)
2009/03/18, AM 9:49
Hello Y888,

Yes, just received them over the weekend and they are exactly what I wanted!!! thank you for the great service and when I am looking for additional glasses I will ask you first!!

Thanks again,


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