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Jack (Hong Kong)
2004/11/20, PM 06:18
It is a very good product! An excellent seller, responsible, very nice and polite. Highly appreciated!
AAA+++ wish can trade again in the future! Thanks
Mr. Leung (Hong Kong)
2004/11/01, AM 01:57
A good seller. thx
Chiu (Hong Kong)
2004/11/08, PM 06:46
Tulip (Hong Kong)
2004/10/20, AM 08:45
非常非常好既賣家, 又好人又準時, 希望下次有機會再合作
A very very good seller, nice and punctual, hope that we will have a next deal!
Maggie (Hong Kong)
2004/10/04, PM 08:31
good 賣家.. 好人. 準時
good seller.. Nice. Punctual
Kent Madin ()
2004/11/02, AM 01:42
Your prices are very cheap.
Jennifer (Hong Kong)
2004/11/08, AM 09:57
I have received the good. Thank you so much and you are a good seller.
Winnie (Hong Kong)
2004/10/23, PM 12:28
Allana (USA)
2004/10/16, AM 08:49
Thank you and I look forward to doing more business with your company.
Katelin (Hong Kong)
2004/09/18, PM 02:01
多謝, 我超鐘意
thank you, I love it so much

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