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Gregory (USA)
2005/10/18, PM 12:22
Thank you for the prompt delivery of the RayBans. They arrived in short order and couldnˇ¦t be nicer. I enjoyed being able to pay through PayPal; very quick
and efficient. Absolutely no problems with this Hong Kong/USA transaction.
Annie (Hong Kong)
2005/05/21, AM 09:43
Thanks good & friendly seller! Nice to trade with you
Mei Mei (Hong Kong)
2005/03/30, PM 07:02
Very good seller. Thanks.
Raymond (Hong Kong)
2005/01/18, AM 10:12
Good seller! Good Item!
Gary (Hong Kong)
2004/12/15, PM 01:46
A nice and honest seller.
Vinson (USA)
2005/06/29, PM 19:38
Thank you very much for your help. I was very skeptical about ordering from HK, but you've changed my mind. Thanks again.
Philip Ng (Hong Kong)
2005/04/18, PM 07:07
The goods are worth to keep. Thanks.
Maggie Lam (Hong Kong)
2005/02/11, PM 05:50
Very good seller, hope to trade again.
Leung (Hong Kong)
2005/01/15, AM 01:49
Good Seller! Fast! Good quality!
Keven Lo (Hong Kong)
2004/12/11, AM 02:24
Smooth deal, good seller, thx

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