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Jonathan (Sabah)
2007/04/20, AM 8:47
Thank you, prompt reply.
Jubilee (USA)
2007/03/03, AM 8:53
Thank you.
Weiderhold (USA)
2006/12/06, PM 10:23
Thank you for your help! Thank you!
Vickery (Canada)
2006/02/28, PM 11:13
The CK3020s arrived in great shape and I am quite pleased.
Nicholas (USA)
2006/01/23, PM 10:48
It's been a pleasure doing business with you. You've been very helpful and prompt in answering my questions and I look forward to the frames.
Rex (USA)
2007/03/08, PM 0:53
Thank you so much.
Mussadiq (USA)
2007/02/22, PM 11:06
Thank You for updating me.

Clapper (USA)
2006/03/21, PM 09:39
Thank you!!
Nicholas (USA)
2006/02/10, PM 10:10
The item came very well packaged andin perfect condition.
Kara (Australia)
2005/11/24, AM 06:19
I received the glasses yesterday afternoon, thank very much. I am so thrilled with them, they look so lovely on and are fabulous!! Thanks for a smooth and lovely transaction.

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