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Mr. Portier (Spain)
2008/06/18, PM 2:23
I have received the Marchon Airlock 700/1.

Many thanks
Amanda (USA)
2008/05/7, PM 10:21
Yes, I received the glasses and I am very happy with them.
Gabriela (USA)
2008/05/7, PM 7:56
I received them and they were exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!
Mr. Kuo (USA)
2008/03/30, AM 0:58
Thank you for your efficient service. I am already wearing the frames and enjoying them very much.
Everything went fine!

We appreciate your concern and your service
Mr. Chang (USA)
2008/02/22, AM 9:24
Yes, I have received the eyewear. Thanks for asking.
Heidi (USA)
2008/05/7, PM 11:05
just wanna let you know i've received the sunglasses. I love it. Thank you.
Mr. Charbonneau (USA)
2008/05/7, PM 8:07
I did receive it. Package was as promised. Thanks!
Ken (USA)
2008/04/8, AM 0:23
I received the glasses. Thank you.
Felix (Singapore)
2008/02/25, PM 02:09
Thank you for following up. I have received the glasses.
Ms. Lai (n/a)
2008/02/22, AM 1:22
Thank you very much for your prompt reply.

Actually, my friend bought a pair of glasses from your website. He recommended the website to me. He is very satisfy with your service.

Thank you very much.

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